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My name is James Arledge

I am the founder of ACH Construction. My journey in the construction world began while I was working my way through studies at Paris Junior College. Starting in 1992, I delved into commercial and residential construction, gradually climbing the ranks from Superintendent to Project Manager for various companies in the Dallas metropolitan area.

In 2005, I made the most significant decision of my career: to establish my own company in Mount Pleasant, Texas. I brought with me a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of all aspects of the construction business. Since then, ACH Construction has specialized in creating custom homes, townhome complexes, and small commercial projects for food chains, medical offices, and even hotels.

What I truly value and consider the core of my business philosophy is the happiness of our clients. I firmly believe that "Happy customers make a happy community." This belief guides every project we undertake, ensuring that client satisfaction is our priority before, during, and after every construction.

Our commitment to excellence and quality has been the key to our success. At ACH Construction, we don't just build structures; we build dreams and forge lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect. This is our story, and I am proud to share it with you.

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At ACH Construction, we pride ourselves on being a leader in both residential and commercial construction, backed by years of industry experience and a steadfast commitment to our clients. Here's why we stand out:

Exceptional Quality:

We don’t just build; we create landmarks. Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality is evident in every project we undertake. From the foundation to the finishing touches, excellence is our benchmark.

Passion for Client Satisfaction:

Meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations is what drives us. We are passionate about bringing your vision to life, ensuring every detail is considered and every need is met with enthusiasm and dedication.

Always On Time:

We understand the importance of timelines in construction. That's why we guarantee on-time completion without compromising on quality. Our meticulous planning and efficient execution ensure your project is delivered when promised.

Professionalism and Experience:

Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the construction industry. We bring expertise, integrity, and professionalism to every project, ensuring a smooth and reliable construction process from start to finish.


We have been in our new ACH home for 5 weeks and it's still like a dream. James was so easy to do business with. James's experience helped us with decision making and his concern for our happiness made this journey a breeze. We truly feel home.

Tom & Wiona Walton

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